Our History

Founding the Sisterhood


Blessed Moving Women was formed in 1984  because we felt a need for women to become aware of what was going on around them. It started when we noticed that close friends and family members were becoming unconcerned about their livelihood, personal appearance and were developing low self-esteem. These factors were causing many women to seek false hope through drugs and alcohol, which was leading to the destruction of our families.

Our young women had no role models to look up to; positive training techniques were not being shared or developed. These situations caused us to feel very helpless, so we prayed! "Something must be done to help all these suffering women". Our answer - "If you want something done do it yourself.!" So we began.

The love we felt for the sisterhood has enabled us to begin speaking aloud about our existing problems. During these conversations we realized that other women were aware but didn't know what to do. So we decided to start  at the beginning.

Getting back to basic thinking was the best way to start. Sharing and caring, sister to sister as it was during the time when Mothers were Mothers, caring for everyone's children. Teaching our talents to our teenagers and developing strong young women to carry our future dreams.

This sisterhood is filled with the spirit of Love. Let us pray and help one another with love and considerations. We must take one step at a time in order to keep the sisterhood alive.